With the recent storms here in Louisville, now is a good time discuss storm damage to homes and the steps you should take to replace windows and repair your roof. There are a number of things you’ll need to do if your home suffers any damage after a storm. And if you’re in need of window replacement or roof repair you’ll want to act fast to limit the risks to yourself and your home.

Securing Your Home After Storm Damage

If your home suffers any storm damage, you’ll need to perform a few checks to ensure you and your family stay safe.

First off, turn your gas off if you smell gas. A gas leak can lead to fires and even explosions, so this will be the first thing you should take care of. Next, assess the damage to your home. Cosmetic damage, broken windows, or a leaky roof are annoying, but your house should still be safe to live in. However, if you’ve suffered any kind of structural damage you and your family will need to leave immediately.

Assuming your house is still safe to live in, there are a couple other things you should check. Storm damage can sometimes lead to faulty smoke and CO detectors, so ensure those are still working properly. You should also make sure your sewage system is functioning before flushing any toilets.

Finally, before performing any clean-up, make sure to document all the damage for your insurance company. Take photos and make a list of all the damaged items on your property.

Window Replacement

Window replacement is one of the most common repairs homes need following a serious storm. After a storm, make sure to check all of your windows for damage. Remember, just because your window isn’t broken doesn’t mean it didn’t suffer any storm damage.

If you notice any moisture build up or water damage around your windows it’s quite likely they’re leaking. If this is the case, they’ll either need to be repaired or replaced.

If any of your windows are cracked, you can place masking tape or packing tape over the crack. This will keep air from coming in and out of the window. If any of your windows are broken, start by leaning up any broken glass, then seal your window. Use heavy duty plastic and fold it to the shape of your window, then tape or staple it in place. This will provide some temporary protection for your windows until you can they can be replaced.

Don’t put off window replacement. A faulty window may seem like a minor nuisance but leaving it too long can lead to more serious problems. If moisture gets into your home it can cause mold and mildew, which are potential health risks. So, if you have any windows that need to be replaced make sure to call someone immediately.

Roof Repair

Roof repair is another job that often needs to be performed after a storm. Whether a fallen tree has damaged your roof, or the excessive rain has made you aware of a leak, you’ll want to take care of any problems as soon as possible.

Start by assessing your roof, either from the ground or on a ladder if it’s safe to do so. Look for any missing shingles or holes. You’ll also want to check the roof from the inside. See if you can find any evidence of any leaks or other damage.

If you’re suffering from a leaky roof, make sure to cover the affected area with a tarp. This will keep any more moisture from getting into your home until you can hire someone to fix the damage.

Roof repairs are both tricky and dangerous, so it’s best to hire a professional who can complete the job properly and safely.

Enterprise Home Improvements is Here to Help

Enterprise Home Improvements has been performing window replacements and roof repairs for over 20 years. We have a wealth of experience dealing with all kind of storm damage and can help get your home, and your life, back to normal following an accident.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding home repairs. We’re always happy to help.