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New Or Replacement Roofing Installation in Louisville, Kentucky and Surrounding Areas

At Enterprise Home Improvements, we are committed to providing the absolute best roofing system on the market, along with exceptional customer service. When you work with us on your new or replacement roof, you get more than just a roof installation provider. As a licensed roofing contractor, we possess a solid knowledge of roofing systems for both residential and commercial buildings. That knowledge combined with our insurance industry experience makes us a specialized roofing contractor for Louisville and the surrounding areas. We are certified to inspect, repair or replace all types of roofing, including flat roofing, shingle roofs, slate roofs and metal roofs. Whether you just want a new roof, have a roof leak or need to fully replace your roof we are the smart choice.

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Are you at risk? Get an inspection from a trusted roofing company near you!

Is it possible that you have storm or hail damage? Many people are unaware that all hail has the potential to shorten the life expectancy of your roof and cause long term problems. Unaddressed hail damage can even cause long-term problems with the structure and soundness of your home or commercial property. If you believe your roof may have hail or storm damage get it looked at sooner, rather than later.

We are here to help with your roofing needs!

We are here to help you with as much, or as little, assistance as you need. Insurance restoration work and storm damage claims are our specialty. As a result, we will make your roof replacement as stress free as possible. Most of all, we will ensure your home or business is fully restored with a quality roofing system that will provide years of protection for your home or business.

Get Quality Results From a Reliable Roof Installer.

We rely on the trusted brand of Owens Corning Roof Shingles. Owens Corning product lines come in a variety of options, styles, and colors. Call us today for a no hassle, FREE inspection or estimate. We look forward to helping you pick the roof that will look and function the best for your home or business.

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